Awesome Trip

Helped position my Cessna 182 from San Fran to Washington DC. Alex was professional, reasonable and fun. Great trip, great guy, highly recommended

Great Company

Helped me position my Cessna 206 on floats from Connecticut to South Florida. I’d recommend Alex to anyone.

Husky from Arizona to New Jersey

Brought my 200HP Husky A1-C from Arizona to New Jersey. Faster than I anticipated and a very reasonable rate.

1958 Cessna 172

Picked her up from my back yard in Vermont and delivered her to Oregon. Very professional and very fair.
Chris Denio

Connecticut to Brownsville Texas

Dodged weather and made it through with my Husky. Amazing service.

North Florida to Puerto Rico

Delivered my brand new Husky across the Caribbean to San Jan. Did some dual around the islands when he arrived to help me get comfortable in my new plane.

Husky from Arizona to Back Yard

Delivered from Yuma to Vermont.

California to Connecticut

Alex made the entire process easy. Delivered the plane right away without any issues. Would definitely recommend to anyone needed their new plane

Super Easy

From Glens Falls, NY to North Dakota. Alex took care of everything safely delivering my new plane without issue or hassle.

Vermont to Tampa and Back

Ferried for panel upgrade. Fast and easy: highly recommended

Wyoming to Nashville

Ferry Assist and Tail Wheel Sign Off. Great trip with Chad.

New Jersey to Idaho

Challenging weather but great trip.