We deliver small, single engine, new or legacy aircraft. We specialize in tailwheel and float planes, however, we position a broad range of tricycle gear aircraft as well. Cessnas, Husky’s, Pipers, Mauls and more. We’re professional pilots who get your aircraft where you want it, safely and at a reasonable cost.


We have flown to just about every state in the country including Class B airports, back yard grass strips, lakes, rivers and salt. Our experienced pilots have flown throughout the Caribbean and Central America as well. We’re all in our 40’s and 50’s so we’ve seen quite a bit along the way and make better decisions than a up and comer trying to build time.


Our team of experienced pilots will deliver your aircraft safely and on time. Many of us are CFI’s, so if you need a biannual, insurance check out, or just some time in your new plane, we’re able to help. Of course a time building joy rider will do it for less, but we are professionals who fly across the country all the time, have the hours needed for insurance and the experience necessary to get your plane to its destination safely.

Time and Expenses

We do everything we can to keep expenses down while providing the safest passage possible for your aircraft. Everyone wants something a little different so we charge a daily rate plus expenses. Challenges happen on long flights in small aircraft so we cannot give you an exact price, however, we can give you a pretty close estimate based on the aircraft, the route and our experience.

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